Security Asset & Hologram Labels

With over 40 years of experience creating security products we can provide fully customised security asset and hologram labels.

We can take your artwork and turn your label designs into a polished label ready for approval. Once your artwork has been approved we can print your short, medium or long run of labels and dispatch them within 1 working week.

Asset Labels


Use asset labels to track, identify, increase security, monitor and schedule maintenance for your companies most important belongings.

Hologram Labels


Use hologram labels for packaging (CDs, DVDs), added security, medical records, precious artifacts and against counterfeiting.

Our experience with security and tamper evident products is invaluable when designing and finalising your labels. We can provide best practice guidelines and make sure you get the best possible labels for the job you need them to do.

We use the latest printing technologies and techniques to ensure that we are the market leader when it comes to the security of your companies assets.

We are always trying to innovate new solutions to problems our customers face by developing new products.

The main objective is for you to keep track of your items and prevent them from being copied into cheap counterfeits. You need to know where the items are, who has them, which items they have and when they will be back with the company. All of this can be achieved with our labels.

Whether you need identification labels or to prevent counterfeit fraud we have the solution your business needs.